Thursday, 7 April 2011

We've moved

My blog has moved to . I'm expanding the area covered by my blog to Hadrian's Wall and areas of interest within an hours travel of Gilsland hoping that it will help with an itinery for anyone wanting to spend a bit longer in this area.
During the winter months I'm taking bird photographs, but it just so happens that the biords do live in places worth visiting :)
Hope to see you on the other site.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Gilsland Show

A bit later than anticipated - I just don't know where time goes to these days.

It was a grand turn out for the Gilsland Agricultural Show, lots more people through the gate than last year. Plenty to see and do and, most importantly, the weather was kind.

There are Shows throughout the summer all along Hadrian's Wall with the biggest two the Cumbria show in Carlisle and the Northumberland Show at Corbridge. Both are a bit too commercialised and busy for me - I love these little local shows where the local farming community get together for a good old chin wag.

The sheep pens with rosettes proudly displayed.

Judging the Rams this end one was proper frisky and kept rying to jump the fence

And of course there has to be Cumberland Wrestling

Terrier racing which is always hilarious, the tan dog won because the others had a scrap

Vintage tractors and other engines that men like to tinker with

The Industrial Tent with the childrens entries

Swaledale tup - beautiful markings

My husband would love those horns for his stick dressing
The fleece is coloured, faces and horns oiled and they're brushed just like those pampered pooches at Crufts.

Lots of shows still to come so if you want a really good day out go along here are the places and dates

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Caught up at last

The last of my backlog of pictures.
Tomorrow will be pictures from Gilsland agricultural show that was held today and a grand day out it was too.
Although clouds gathered and looked black they passed over without any rain falling on the showground.
Still that's for tomorrow,today's offerings now.

Cuddys Crag March 2010 (grid ref: NY782686)

Cuddys Crag June 2010 ( grid ref: NY782686)

Steel Rigg May 2010 ( grid ref NY782686)

Housesteads Crag March 2010 (grid ref: NY784686)

Steel Rigg May 2010 (grid Ref: NY782686)

Cawfield Crags July 2010 ( grid ref: NY719667)

Walltown Crags July 2010 (grid ref: NY672662)

Winshields Crag July 2010 ( grid ref: NY743675)