Monday, 6 July 2009

Up in the mornings

Another 3.30am alarm call, now we've passed midsummer's eve, the sunrises are starting to get a little later.
Believe me that extra 15 minutes in bed makes all the difference.
Drove through mist at Longbyre, usually a good sign for mist on the Wall but at the Walltown turn the view to Cawfields was clear and at Steel Rigg there was a teensy bit over the Lough.

The Hadrian's Wall show was held on the field next to the car park at Steel Rigg where I was setting up my tripod, I noticed one or two bits of litter lying around.

When you consider the number of folk, animals and selling stalls that were on the field a week or so before that's a quite amazing feat. All credit to the show committee and the farmer John Pattinson, for doing such a great clean up job.

It got me thinking about the Wall path in general and really the walkers, and people who use the path, are very contientious about picking up their litter.
Of course there are exceptions, school parties always leave litter - teachers please note! But the wardens and volunteer rangers seem to keep on to of it and orange peel is litter, I know it breaks down but it looks unsightly and would be better put into a rubbish bin.

It's a beautiful area, please let's keep it that way.

Catch you later.

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