Monday, 23 March 2009

23rd March 2009

The forecast was awful so I was expecting a day of
admin working on my computer, not something I look forward to!

I happened to glance out of the window and noticed some wonderful cloud formations, wow a reprieve,
hoping they would last a while, I grabbed my gear and headed out to Steel Rigg.

Now Steel Rigg is one of the most popular sites on Hadrian's Wall, great dramatic crags and awsome scenery, but look to the east and there is Winshields Crag. It looks fairly dull but climbing it brings you up to the highest point on our bit of Hadrian's Wall and the views are amazing.

Today I was looking for cloud pictures and they were there in abundance, lovely black rolling clouds, fluffy white ones and a particular favourite of mine the mackeral cloud.

However it was all to the west, no clouds to speak of down towards Steel Rigg which is a really beautiful panoramic view.
It was a howling gale, so fierce I had trouble keeping everything steady so I had high hopes that the clouds would shift around. They did but instead of going east they went south, isn't that just typical.

Lots of people around considering it's a Monday but they were all heading along towards the Sycamore Tree, that's one for another day although if you can't wait check out the pictures on my website

In all today I took a dozen shots and probably got the best of the clouds, it cleared so that by sunset it was an empty sky.

Hope that holds promise for a sunrise tomorrow.

Todays photograph is on the Hadrian's Wall Path up to Winshields Crag, there's a white trig point way up on the horizon that you might be able to see on the larger version.

Catch you later.

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