Saturday, 28 March 2009

28th March 2009

It's been a funny old day, a real mix of weather but all with a cold wind.

Went out to the Once Brewed Visitor Centre, they're gearing up for the new season and will be open all week from the 1st of April, it's a great centre with such helpful staff make sure and call in, say I sent you :)

On the way home I called into Walltown, had a walk around the Quarry lake but it was a biting cold wind, I was looking for toad spawn, loads of frog spawn in the lake but nothing from the toads.
Stopped at the Olde Forge Tea Room in Greenhead for a warming cup of coffee and a cheese scone, it's been completely refurbished and is bright and shiny - food is good too.

This evening the wind dropped and it looked as though there might be a sunset of sorts. There's a pull in at Banks with a lovely tree and I've been trying to catch the sun setting behind it. I never seem to time it right and again the sun was too far to the right.

There are great bits of Roman Wall between Birdoswald and Banks but they're really difficult to make a 'good' photograph of. The road runs alongside the Wall remains and on the other side there are fences and no amount of great light helps.

I came back along to Birdoswald and wandered around the back of the Fort, there's a museum and tea room and while I have tried the tea room I have never been in the museum, something I shall have to put right this season.

Michael's lambs were full of beans running and jumping, they'd probably been huddled up against the Wall all day trying to keep out of the wind. They are so cute when they charge around in little gangs having a great time.
My sunset shots were nothing special so I'm leaving you a picture of the lambs on the outer wall of the Fort.
Catch you later.

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