Friday, 27 November 2009

It's actaully stopped raining!

Today I started the Christmas shopping, heading off to Carlisle (a lovely, unhurried place to shop) just after ten o'clock this morning.

Somewhere around lunchtime, I realised that the skies above were bright and blue, something we haven't seen in Cumbria for ages, it had actually stopped raining.

Home again by 2.30pm and feeling optomistic,  I headed upstairs to check out my old faithful website, Metcheck, to see what time the sunset was, 3.50pm - goodness it's early isn't it?

I had a quick look at the sun position site to see where the sun would be at sunset and decided that, the best place for my outing today would be Walltown Crags.

The sky was clearing as I climbed up to Hadrian's Wall, sheep scattering before me. I paused to catch a photograph looking east featuring the ewe's, some nice light but it was already very low.

At this time of the year it doesn't get very high at all, giving lovely long shadows.
The cloud that was left in the sky covered the sun, wouldn't you know it, but I set up shop with the gnarly hawthorn tree in the foreground and Walltown Quarry as it's backdrop. Hadrian's Wall runs through the picture but not in a dramatic way, still it is there.

The temperature was dropping and I was facing into the wind, made me think about sorting out my winter woolies.

I'd tried on one of those Russian trapper hats, in Carlisle but when the lady behind me almost fell over laughing I put it back.

Time was passing and the sun managed to break through the clouds just long enough for me to get a photograph, then it disappeared for another day.

Saw several walkers out making the most of a nice evening, we must all be going stir crazy, it's so nice to be able to get out again and not get soaked!

Hoping for a frosty morning tomorrow,
Catch you later,

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