Friday, 6 November 2009

November is here

How quickly the year has passed, I can't believe it's November already and today I have a positive plethora of images for you.

I've been waiting for a nice frosty morning and when I got up it certainly seemed as though this one would be it!

Off to Steel Rigg with colour in the sky, nothing like a bit of red frost to set the pulses racing.

I'm still hoping for a good coloured sky behind the 'Sycamore Tree' so once again I walked east towards my destination.
I could feel the air getting warmer, it had been 0 degrees when I pulled into the car park, now it was showing 5 degrees on my thermometer so no frost then.
I set up and waited, taking the picture of Crag Lough with just a wisp of mist, then came a rush of wing beats and overhead flew 8 beautiful swans.

Because the light was so low the shutter speed wasn't fast enough to freeze the birds flight but I include a shot of their ghostly images flying over  Sycamore Gap.

Things weren't shaping up the way I wanted so I climbed up to Castle Gap and then on up to the viewpoint on Peel Crag. The sky was amazing, so much colour and at this time of the year the light is quite low so it catches the Wall.

I do so love this place, can you tell?

Even behind me looking towards Winshields Crag the sky had colour, and as usual, I had the place to myself, one of the advantages of not having to go to work.

As suddenly as the display started it finished and the sun disapeared into cloud so if you weren't up and about by 8am then you would have missed it.

The Hadrian's Wall Path is so muddy at the moment, yet from all the footprints I saw in the mud there are still lots of people out walking the trail, please remember to wear good stout shoes or boots because it is slippery when wet.

Lots of Wax cap fungi about, at first I thought people had been throwing orange peel around and was getting quite cross about it. Lovely yellow, orange, red and white toadstools litter the crags - magic.

Catch you later,

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