Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Catching up part 2

Day two of the catching up process, I've mixed the pictures up a bit today, they'd sorted themselves alphabetically in the file so Cawfield was heading the list.

It's been an eye opener for me, I've been moaning to TT that the weather has been awful since June, but the photographs prove that wasn't  true.

Of course, Hadrian's Wall looks wonderful whatever the weather and I admit I love the big dramatic stormy skies, as long as I can keep the lens rain free.
So ever onwards :

Cawfields Crag July 2010 (grid ref: NY706664)

Crag Lough in Gold May 2010 (grid ref: NY758677)

Mucklebank Crag and King Arthur's Well July 2010 (grid ref: NY680665)

Steel Rigg May 2010 (grid ref: NY752675)

Zig Zag tree near Black Carts June 2010 (grid Ref: NY880717)

Sycamore Gap at Sunset June 2010 ( grid ref: NY761677)

The grid reference should give you the point where I was standing to take the photograph or thereabouts and I hope it will be helpful to fellow photographers.

More tomorrow.


  1. you've been to some amazing places and have the amazing photos to go with it :D

  2. Thanks Andy - they're all within 10 miles of home on Hadrian's Wall.

  3. Great pictures. Found your blog a while ago. Being a particular fan of the area and particularly the wall this is great. Keep up the good work :)