Thursday, 5 August 2010

Playing catch-up part 3

Six more photographs, one of them taken this morning.

Forecast has, once again, headed towards rain - fortunately even with rain there have been bright spells through the day.

Of this batch of six photographs four of them were taken during the day, and on a couple of occasions I've met up with people who exclaimed with surprise to find me out and about with the camera in daylight hours.

I went off to Steel Rigg for sunrise this morning but it was shrouded in a bank of fog, I hung about hoping the rising sun would burn it off, 15 minutes after sun up and it was obvious this wasn't going to happen so I packed everything up and went to Caw Gap.

You can see the bank of fog hanging over Winshields Crag in my picture here, so I think I made the right decision to move when I did.

Caw Gap August 2010 (NY726668)

Crag Lough from Highshields Crag June 2010 (NY763678)

Rapishaw Gap June 2010 (NY780685)

Sycamore Gap June 2010 (NY761677)

Willowford Bridge June 2010 (NY621664)

Winshields Crag July 2010 (NY743675)

Well that's today's selection, another six to come tomorrow.

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