Sunday, 26 April 2009

26 04 09

I think it's fairly obvious that I love this whole area of Hadrian's Wall from Birdoswald to Chollerford. Everywhere is steeped in history, you can touch stones laid in 122AD or thereabouts, how awesome is that?

If only those stones could talk to us. I've been reading about the Victorian's would you believe they took the Wall stones and used them as hardcore for their road building, and before the Victorians the builders of castles, bastles and farmhouses used the readily available good cut stone. Were it not for Mr John Clayton I doubt there would be much left at all today, his artifacts are displayed in the museum at Chesters.

On those gorgeous misty mornings that I so love I think about all this history and in the swirling mists convince myself there must be ghosts about. One of my favourite spots when there is mist is looking east towards Cawfields. NY706661
I was lucky that the sun was high enough to pick out the land form of the Cawfield and Winshields Crag and while I know not many visitors are up early enough to see it like this for me it's well worth the effort.

Catch you later.

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