Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Bowness on Solway

So, I've been meandering west to the end of the Hadrian's Wall Path, which means Bowness on Solway.

I have to report that I wasn't terribly impressed, the village has the potential to be quite pretty but they don't seem to want the attention the Hadrian's Wall Path brings. There's no tearoom and the pub is only open after 4pm during the summer season. Probably okay if you're starting from Bowness on Solway but a bit of a downer I would imagine if you finish an 84 mile walk there. They do have a little wooden arbour on the Banks promenade which marks the actual start/finish line but that's it.

There are no Roman remains to see.

There's no parking in the village, the road through is extremely narrow, but you can park on the outskirts at the edge of the Marsh.

Bowness is in the middle of the Campfield Marsh, a nature reserve, and if you're a birdwatcher the area is amazing especially in winter when the skies are full of geese. However you must check the tide tables because the tide goes out a long, long way and it's muddy.

Because it's a peat marsh it's very spongy so remember waterproof boots or a change of footware, there's also a lot of rubbish brought in on the tide I suppose.

There's an RSPB reserve there with viewing points although in the half dozen times I've been there I've not seen anything.

I do love the Solway but I'm afraid it's the Dumfries and Galloway side that I prefer.

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