Saturday, 31 October 2009

Birds and brightness

A 5.50am alarm call saw me up and checking the world outside.
Deciding it wasn't going to amount to much I went back to bed.... for all of 5 minutes, It's always the same,I dither over going out, it's really too dark to be able to properly tell what the day's going to be like so I'm saying 'I will', 'I won't', 'I will', 'no I won't', but this morning the 'I will's' won and I was soon on my way to Steel Rigg car park on Hadrian's Wall.

I was hoping for a nice coloured sky, we'd had one on Wednesday but I wasn't out then.
At this time of the year the sun rises well to the south of Hadrian's Wall so the crags are in deep shadow, but if you stand to the north of  Sycamore Gap there's a chance of colour behind it.

The sun never rises or sets directly behind the Gap but I was hoping for a bit of overspill.
There was some colour but it was a very gentle sunrise, pretty pastel colours and as I stood there I heard the peregrine calling as the sun rose then huge flocks of fieldfare went flying past.

Early in the morning there's not enough light to give a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the movement of the birds which is a shame for what would sunrise be without a dawn chorus?

As I stood to the north of hadrian's Wall I noticed two people actually up on the Wall footpath.
One was a runner, obviously someone very fit to take on the ups and downs here, the other was a photographer I think, someone brave enough to try and capture the early morning views without a tripod - hope their shots came out okay.

I'm never without my tripod, I can't hand hold a camera steady enough to get nice sharp shots these days.
It was too wet to cross over and climb up onto the Wall path so I headed off back to the car I was planning to stop in at Cawfields on the way home to see if there were any wildfowl on the lake there.
As I made the Cawfields turn a couple of cars pulled out of the Cawfields car park so any ducks that had been there overnight would be long gone now.

I stopped to take a photo of the footpath finger post with milecastle 42 in the background.
Then it was home for my slice of toast and honey, my treat after an early start.
Catch you later.

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