Sunday, 28 March 2010

Doesn't time fly

It's been a year since I first started blogging my way along Hadrian's Wall, that's a lot of words and photographs shared.
Looking back I see that last year was a much better year, weather wise for photographs.
I can't remember the last sunrise I was up for although the last thing I do each night before I switch off the computer is check the Metcheck site to see what the weather will be for the next day.
TT has dibs on the car on Tuesday and Thursday mornings but that leaves another 5 days each week when I could go out if conditions were right.
Hopefully we're getting all of the horrible weather over and done with early in the year so a lovely summer awaits us all.
Cawfields Crag from the road

Saturday morning was brighter than expected so I went off to Cawfields simply for the excercise.
Spoke to a man wandering around the lake there with a clipboard. He was waiting for some divers who were coming to do a survey of the quarry lake, apparently there's some weed that grows in the deeper part of the lake that's not good.
NNPA and the Police (didn't quite understand why they were involved) wanted it surveyed so they could dredge the lake and remove the weed later in the year.

Stormy weather over  Cawfields

I wandered off along to Hadrian's Wall, the blue sky was rapidly disappearing and I wanted to get some photographs before the light went. I like this bit of Hadrian's Wall, it twists and turns it's way up the Crag a nice substantial chunk of masonary and covered in lichens which gives me something to look at while I'm waiting for the light to hit the spot I've mentally marked with an 'X'

Lichens on the stomes of Hadrian's Wall, like a shot from Google earth

I set up the tripod  but I was hand holding the camera to take some shots of the Wall stones.  I kept looking to see how the sun was doing, a brisk wind was moving the clouds at a fair pace and  I could see patches of light dancing across the landscape so I was fairly confident that if I was patient it would get to me eventually.

Thorney Doors

Wouldn't you know it just as it was getting to my 'X' someone stopped to talk to me, hardly anyone around as it was early yet Murphy's Law in action again. The guy was a photographer so I explained I'd been waiting for the light to hit ghe stones and would he excuse me a minute while I took the photo, blow me if he didn't walk right into my shot.
Boy was I cross and thank goodness for the clone tool.

Caw Gap

I spent a nice couple of hours wandering along towards Caw Gap, of course at the highest, most exposed part of Cawfields Crag the heaven's opened and I got absolutely soaked.  I was luckier than Christine and Dave from Burnhead B&B who were out for a run and heading home running directly into the wind and icy rain.
Made me feel positively sluggish and I'm determined to be more energetic.

Caw Gap and Bogle Hole

We have a snow forecast for next week, I hope this time they'll grit the roads so I can get out of Gilsland.
Catch you later.

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