Tuesday, 23 March 2010

March on Hadrian's Wall in photographs

I'm not up to scratch at the minute, my brain is all over the place so I thought I'd load some photographs taken in the last week or so and just do you a description of each.

Sunset over Crag Lough, the sun has started to move again and the camera was pointing directly at the sun, I had to wait for it to set before I could take a photograph without masses of flare.

Up on Highshields Crag, just above Sycamore Gap, it's nice to be out on the Wall for sunset again, next week the clocks change and my photo outings start in earnest, anyone for a 3.30am start with me?

Probably my favourite shot from that evening outing, the sun's not too bright and is just catching the mosses on the rocks of Highshield Crags. Hadrian's Wall Path runs along the top by the fence.

A bright sunny day, not my favourite conditions for photographs but a joy to be out in the fresh air.
 Lot's of people Walking the Wall, like this couple coming down from Winshields Crag, it's certainly becoming a year round activity.

The sun was playing hide and seek with the clouds, I'm not too unhappy to have to stand around and wait for the light when I'm looking at a view like this from Winshields Crag.

The wide bit of Hadrian's Wall tapers down to a single wall over the original wide foundation before heading down towards Steel Rigg and the crags beyond.

Heading down Winshields Crag you get a view of the Great Ditch to the north of Hadrian's Wall. The stones here are covered in green lichen making a lovely patchwork effect.

I know I'm always going on about NOT walking on the Wall, well there's one bit you can walk on, it goes through the woods to the north of Housesteads Fort and is a small stretch of the turfed Wall, this is the view you get as you come out of the woods heading west.

Coming down Cuddys Crag before the climb up to Housesteads, lots of lovely Wall curves.

Hadrian's Wall is covered with lichens and mosses while the turf topping has a mass of tiny plants growing in it. I'm setting myself a little task to photograph and identify the various plants growing on the Wall.

Another lichen on the Wall stones, they're an amazing plant and I'm determined to learn more about them. I guess I should photograph a ruler next to them to give an idea of scale, can't work out how to get it to stay put on a vertical wall though.

Off to the Doc's tomorrow so hopefully normal service will soon be resumed.
Catch you later.


  1. Hi Joan
    Reading your comments about the lichen brought to mind this blog from a couple down in Haltwhistle
    I have been meaning to say hello to them and make introductions for a year or so but just never got round to it.

  2. Thanks for that Colin, I've added it to my favourites to catch up on tomorrow.
    Wonder if they go to the wildlife meetings at the Manor House Hotel?

  3. Hi Joan,I was on Hadrian's Wall,at Steel Rigg,watching the sunrise,mists and all.I'd like to say,inspired by your wonderful June shots of Steel Rigg.I thoroughly enjoyed my dawn sojourn,mists,bog and all.My efforts caqn be seen on www.pbase.com/taggart51.