Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bluster and Blisters

I called in to see Alison at Walltown yesterday, she runs the shop there selling a range of things that anyone walking the Hadrian's Wall Path might need.
She was having a really busy day with walkers popping in for sandwiches and something to drink, or in a couple of cases visitors asking for directions to 'The Wall'.

One or two people commented that there weren't enough places like the shop at Walltown, to stock up on food along the trail. I hadn't thought about it before but they are right. We have towns, like Haltwhistle, along the way but they require a detour, probably eating into a good three or four hours of any days walking.

One American lady thought a series of food vans along the route would be the answer but that's not something in keeping with the ethos of the National Parks. The B&B's do packed lunches but that doesn't help the campers or people staying in camping barns or the youth hostels.

So if you're planning to walk Hadrian's Wall Path it's something you need to think about.

Lots of overseas visitors already this year, all seemed to be enjoying the walk although there were some complaints that when the wind is blustery it makes walking hard. I did notice that almost everyone who came into the shop pounced with delight on those special plasters for blisters - and I can tell you from first hand experience they are very good. Nothing worse than walking with blistered feet.

Walltown (NY669659) is a natural place to stop, not only because you can get refreshments and a toilet break ( immaculate toilets) but the NNPA have provided plenty of picnic tables or mown grass to sit on for your break, you could also appear on the webcam.

Lots of ducks about to help you with your crusts too.

Catch you later.

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