Saturday, 23 May 2009

While you were sleeping.

I was late back from last nights sunset shoot. It started well with interesting clouds but somewhere near the end fizzled out into a little yellow patch - some you win, some you lose.
As I was driving home I noticed the temperature had dropped to 4 degrees and if that didn't rise overnight I was on for a misty sunrise.

The new alarm clock is working well, and I set it for a 3.30am start, you will never know how tempted I was to switch it off and ignore it when it rang, so darned cheerfully, this morning.

The velux window of the bathroom was misted on the outside, opening it for a quick look out of the window I could see stars.

Just the conditions I've been waiting for.

Pulling into the car park at Steel Rigg I saw someone was parked up overnight in a van, I wondered if it was another photographer but the curtain were drawn so I guessed not. Overnight parking isn't allowed, but people do it anyway.

On Steel Rigg (NY751676) the mist was swirling, I did my usual running back and forward with a tripod trick, but today there were only sheep to watch me.

I love these conditions and shoot away like a machine gunner, my theory being if I take enough shots I'm bound to get one I like. I'd filled half a card before the sun actually came up.

Initially there was no cloud so the sun was a bright ball, I have a bit of black card that I use as an anti-flare thing, waving it about until the bright dots go from my viewfinder. Great when it's not windy but I can't tell you how many times I've photograhed a waving black card. The sun by now was catching the mists bathing them in a yellow light, catching the rocks of the crag and bringing thenm to life, it's so beautiful.
Once again I was the only photographer out on Steel Rigg. One of the magazines had an interview with a well known photographer, whose name escapes me for the minute, he listed the best places in GB and Steel Rigg was his best sunrise spot. I don't mind having it to myself but someone good could make so much more of the conditions than I can.
I love the way the low light was catching the cows in the mist giving them long shadows, I took some shots but they need some work. I'm useless at Photoshopping so it might be a while before they get done.

Cloud started to come in and as normal, behind me were beautiful stormy clouds bathed with red light, I had nothing to put in front of them but somehow with all that was going on in front of me I didn't mind too much.

5.45am and the cloud was building and I decided to head home (I can't tell you how tempted I was to wake the van people up) by 6am I was home and the sky was completely overcast.

I'd seen the best of the day and am looking forward to a repeat performance tomorrow.
Enjoy the Bank Holiday and I'll catch you later.

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