Saturday, 26 September 2009

Cloudy days are getting me down

We seem to be wrapped up in a big grey blanket at the moment over on the west side of the UK.

It's so depressing not to see any 'light' for days on end.

Occasionally it brightens just before sunset, aand as soon as I saw a patch of blue I was out of the house and heading to Walltown Crags. I was hopeful that I might get a sunset but maybe that was being greedy.

The Crags at Walltown are a lovely place for an evening walk, if the air is clear you can see the sea glinting right over to the Solway. Some nice bits of Hadrian's Wall remain here and access isn't bad.

The sheep have cropped the grass to a lovely finish that would make any greenkeeper proud and for some reason Walltown is the only place you really notice this. As usual it was windy up on the top but even that didn't matter, gave the cobwebs a good blow through.

Hopes of a sunset faded away as the cloud moved back in but I didn't mind too much, I'd spent a happy hour in lovely fresh air, with sheep for company and one impressive sky shot of the Walltown Tree - enough for anyone.

While we've had cloud I've been taking pictures of the various helicopters zooming around Gilsland and up to Spadeadam - it's the Dutch airforce on manouvres at the moment.

They fly through the gap between our house and those up the hill from us and come over quite low - I was happily snapping away, practising my panning techniques and it was only when I uploaded the shots to the computer that I noticed the gunner had his gun trained on me the whole time!

For those who like to know, this was taken with a 200mm lens. Click the pictures to see them at a larger size.

Catch you later.

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