Monday, 14 September 2009

Just some photographs

I take so many shots when I'm out that sometimes it takes me a while to get through them

So here are a few recent ones.
Sunrise at Steel Rigg - lovely red sky that morning.

It's coming to that time of the year when the sun rises to the south of Hadrian's wall leaving the Crags in heavy shadow - not ideal for photography - but it's autumn we get most misty mornings so I'm still getting up early.

Next is a photograph from Cawfields

This is a great spot for early morning mist, sometimes there's too much to see anything at all but, if it's a clear morning, the rising sun begins to burn off some of the mist. As ever with photography it's a case of just wait and see.

Another from that same morning but zooming in on Cawfield Crags.

And finally today we have two from Walltown and sunsets this time.

So you might wonder why I insist on showing you my photographs, well as you may know from previous posts I very rarely see anyone else when I'm out with my camera, most visitors are either tucked up in bed or having their breakfast in the morning, at sunset they're sitting having their evening meal.

Maybe just for once it would be worth arranging to have your meal at a different time and come out to enjoy the spectacular show nature puts on for us all.

A quick check with the metchecck site ( will show you what the weather will be like, NE47 is the postcode for Steel Rigg.

Catch you later.

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