Friday, 18 September 2009

So tranquil

Another day, another entry for my Hadrian's Wall blog, I don't get much feedback so it's become a bit like a diary for me, going through my photographing doings for the day.
Sunset's around 6.40pm at the moment, seems like just last week I was hanging about on the crags at 10pm waiting for the sun to go down.
In another month our clocks will change and I'll be trying to catch the sunset and then coming home for tea!

The sky last night was, well, gentle, wispy clouds and a bit of a haze so I hoped there might be a bit of colour in the sky as the sun set.

As it was a still night I headed off to Crag Lough, the lake that you look east to from Steel Rigg. We don't have many areas of water that are easily accessible on Hadrian's Wall so Crag Lough features in most of the local photographer portfolio's.

Last night it was so still, not quite a mirror but still enough to reflect the sky nevertheless and it was lovely.

John Pattinson, the farmer at Hotbank Farm was bringing in his hay so there was the gentle buzz of a tractor in the background. As the sun set the rooks on the crag all took off in a big swirl of wings, noisily cawing and whirling about. I stood and just watched them in action, it looked as though they were having fun. I have to wait until they settle again before I can use the camera, in low light the exposure time is too long and moving birds, and midges, make blurry dots all over the shot.

Mrs Pattinson stopped and had a word, I caught up on the news about her daughter's wedding, sounds like they had an amazing day, then I took a few more shots before packing up and walking back down the track to my car.

I never cease to think how lucky I am to live in such an amazing place and to know that if I don't get picture I really like tonight, then I can just try again tomorrow.

We're coming to the end of another busy tourist season so if you fancy visiting when things are a bit quieter maybe now's the time to book up.

For the Steel Rigg bit of Hadrian's Wall you could try , just a ten minute walk away.

Catch you later,


Joan Thirlaway

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