Sunday, 6 September 2009


I was out at Willowford today, Lauren and Liam were expecting the two presenters from Radio 2 to drop in and interview Lauren about her work as part of the team trying to get Fairtrade status for the whole of Hadrian's Wall corridor .

I was supposed to photograph the event, happily for me I don't get paid (I declined payment) so no pressure there then :)

I really don't do any people photographs, in fact I'm usually trying to avoid getting people in my shots.

The party of 5 came up from Willowford Bridge and to start with I didn't know which of the 4 ( the fifith was Lizzie so I knew it wasn't her) I was supposed to photograph but someone took pity on me and the guys posed for a photograph.

They had a refreshment stop at Willowford, enjoying Liam's chocolate brownies and did a live phone in to the Michael Ball show. I did take some photographs but I always feel photographing people is a bit intrusive so I sort of hovered and 'is it all right if I just.....' my way through the morning.

I have to report that Mark Radcliffe is utterly charming, a real gentleman. (leading the way in the photo above)

They were walking quite a way today from Banks to Steel Rigg over some very muddy stretches of the Hadrian's Wall Path, no doubt they'll be looking forward to a hot bath and a pint.

Nice publicity for Hadrian's Wall and we're grateful for all of it.

Catch you later.

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