Saturday, 5 September 2009

Elastoplasts at the ready...

It's September so it must be - drum roll - - - -calendar time.

Last year it was a big production with several varieties of calendar, professionally produced by File Print and they did a grand job.

But it got completely out of hand mainly because I'm very laid back about paperwork, so my records of what was where, left a lot to be desired.

This year it's another do it myself offering in the little plastic cases, perfect for sitting on a desk or next to the phone.

I print and hand cut every sheet, and from day one I needed an elastoplast for both thumbs.

It is great fun to pick the photographs I'm using for each month and I try to be true to that month, but I take loads of shots every month and it's not unusual for me to decide to change a photograph half way through the print run.

The Sycamore Tree has to feature - it's such an iconic tree and people associate it with Hadrian's Wall so that's fairly easy to sort out. For some reason Birdoswald gives me problems as does Walltown ( some of that's to be blamed on William's barn!)
Steel Rigg can offer a mass of shots, as can Cuddys Crag.
I have a soft spot for the mists of Cawfields and Sewingshields Crag and of course Hadrian's Wall itself must play a starring role.

Then there's the front page, it has to say to anyone picking up the box that this is Hadrian's Wall, easy to take the soft option and pick the Sycamore Tree again but this year I found a little gem of a shot overlooked in my file.

A misty sunrise taken at Cuddys Crag and as I print up my little calendars I'm liking this picture more and more so I'm getting a large version done to put on my wall at home, and there's not many make that grade!

If you want a copy of the calendar they're available from Walltown Refreshments and La Toot in Haltwhistle, no more than 150 produced this year so be quick, get yours while I still have thumbs :)

Todays picture is the calendar front page, click on it to see it a bit bigger.

Catch you later.

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